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Fragrance Vaporizer
Lighten up your room and spread the beautiful fragrance by getting this Fragrance Vaporizer.  In order to get the pleasing smell, you have to first add few drops of essential oil to a bowl of water and heated from below by a tea light candle. When the water is heats, the aroma of the evaporated oil gently spreads in the room. Fragrance Vaporizer is the best way to fragrance your room along with a decorative touch. Apart from that, this vaporizer is come in a wide variety of styles to as per the requirements of the customers.
Vaporizer Oil
An electric vaporizer can be used if you have vaporizer oil. The scented oil when blended into water and added to the vaporizer will be evaporated into the air and fill the air with its scent.
Tea Lights
Get a set of 100 tea lights made from purest of wax. Filled in aluminium moulds, these tea lights are light in weight and float on water. These tea lights are dripless and smokeless.
Potpourri is natural fragrant material that can be used anywhere to spread gentle natural scent. The mix includes dried, fragrant plant material. We can supply gift pack of potpourri in different sizes, like 50gm, 100gm.
Car Spray
Your car can also smell pleasant if you use this car spray available in sandal, lavender, ocean dream and citric tango scents. A nice scent can soothe your body and mind, which is required while driving in traffic
Fragrance Room Mister
Rooms misters are supplied in the form of spray bottles filled with scented mist. Lavender, Lemon Grass and Romance are the three kinds of misters supplied by our company.
Candle Jar
There are many options available in the market for refreshing your home, one economical option is Jar Candle that doesn't only diffuse fresh scent but also beautify interior space with elegant designs.
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Luxury homes are not only about fancy furniture and expensive dcor, but the aura is something different. Its the aroma spread into the homes. You can also make your home or office smell fresh and pleasant by setting up this ultrasonic aroma diffuser.
Candle  Vaporizer

Candle Vaporizers we deal in are made to scatter the aroma through their diffusing capacity. They are apt for several indoor places. These are made to work effectively and allow for efficient use. They can vaporize the aroma in the surrounding, making a calming and serene effect.

Room Freshener

Room Fresheners are uses to mask off the bad odors.  These are free of chemicals that can disturb the respiratory tract. They are used in homes, yoga centers, and many other places. Moreover, these are proffered with advanced use and enable good utility in many places.


Perfumes supplied by us are available with a desirable and pleasant scent. These are known well for boosting the self-appeal as well as self-confidence of the users. They are used to make the perfumery products of different kind.

Air Freshener

Air Fresheners are made to freshen the air, masking the bad odors of the surrounding. These are made to remove the unpleasant smell and make a breathable and refreshing surrounding at home.

Fragrance Incense

The Fragrance Incenses we offer are the safer options to make use of.  These enable the fragrance of the oil to saturate the room. These are of high quality and have no harmful chemicals or toxins which are not good for health. 

Aromatic Candles
Aromatic Candle, as the very name implies, are the wax candles as well as gel candles in beautiful glass jars. These candles can be used as centerpieces in your living room or bedroom, to make a lasting impression.
Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers are simple in use. These are rubbed onto the hands, after a few drops. These are used to kill bacteria and stop the spread of viral infections. These are accessible with simple use and are apt to use at the places, where there is an unavailability of water.

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